CHN Staff

CHN Statewide Administrative Staff                                        

Darrell Vigil MBA, Chief Executive Officer

Justine Sunshine, Research & Strategy Officer

Lili Carrillo - Clinical Services Officer

Jamie Villalobos, Programs Quality Officer

Tracie Smith, Programs Quality & Compliance


Development and Marketing 

Richard Blair CFRE, Chief Development Officer   

Max Malament, Development Manager 

Ashlee Barrow, Development Coordinator      

Mia Reilly, Development Coordinator

Melissa Webb, Grant Writer   


Finance and Operations                                    

Randy Vessell, Chief Financial Officer

Mary-Ann Agri, Accountant

Bonnie Lucero-Brown, Database Administrator

Ben Gabbard, Database Administrator

Sharon Opila, Human Resources/Accounting Coordinator

Hillary Merrill, Administration Assistant

James Wheatly, Operations and Facilities Manager

Rickie Delisa, Operations and Facilities Coordinator



Todd Grove, Director of Client Services

Anthony (AJ) Cardenas, Client Services Data Manager

Ashley Blevins, Health Access Program Manager

Matthew White, Health Access Program Coordinator - Kaiser

Melissa Younger, Health Access Program Coordinator

Alicia Gerken, Health Access Program Coordinator - University Hospital

Scott Irving, Health Access Program Coordinator

Spencer Nelson, Health Access Program Coordinator

Carmen Laborin, Health Access Program Coordinator

Chris Zivalich, Public Health Intervention Program Manager

Stephanie Croft, Health Access Program Assistant



Denver Office

Kate Lind, Client Services Officer 

Helen Greer, Client Services Manager

Angela Keady, Sr. Case Manager

Amelia Stoll MSW, Bilingual Case Manager

Alicia Poplett, Bilingual Case Manager

Arlene Pace, Medical Case Manager

Joe Hutson, Critical Events Case Manager

Emma King, Case Manager

Michelle Smith, Case Manager

Will DeFehr MSW, Case Manager

Kevin Garcia, Bi-Lingual Medical Case Manager

Madinah Nakuya, Bi-Lingual Medical Case Manager

Logan Anderson, Medical Case Manager

Matt McCormick, MCM Program Assistant

Erin Swart, Medical Case Manager

Carlos Hernandez Alba, MCM Program Assistant

Anthony Ruby, Case Manager

Katherine Slifer, PWID Case Manager

Lila Serrano-Lopez, Admissions Navigator

Kat Austin, LPC, LAC, LMFT, Clinical Supervisor

Amanda Earle MA, LPCC, NCC, Behavioral Health Clinician

Mary Claire Ferachi MA, LPCC, NCC, Behavioral Health Clinician

Joshua Derrig, Resources Manager

Diana Cable, Food Bank Coordinator

Guy Quintana, Food Bank Assistant

Sara Hoogendyk, Housing Programs Administrator

Nathan Grey, Residential Services Coordinator

Taylor Bilbrey, Residential Services Coordinator

Julia Giles, Financial Assistance Coordinator

Naomi Parnes, Housing Coordinator - SRP

Spencer Seabloom, Receptionist/Programs Assistant

Selena Sertuche, Bi-Lingual Receptionist/Prgrams Assistant 

Sara Dasugo MPHc, Prevention Services Manager

Tessa Owens, HeyDenver PrEP Navigator

Lunadelmar Suescun, People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) Case Manager

Madison Unsworth, Prevention Coordinator

Jane McCulloch, Prevention Services Coordinator Assistant

Spencer Spotts, Strategic Programs Manager


Howard Dental Center

Symone Webley DDS, Dental Director

Nancy Duckins, Clinical Operations Manager

Amy Rosinsky DDS, Staff Dentist

Jeffrey Deguzman DDS, Staff Dentist

Jhossva Rosas, Dental Assistant (EDDA)

Vanessa Saenz, Dental Assistant (EDDA)

Jessica Garcia, Dental Assistant

Veronica Garcia, Dental Assistant (EDDA)

David T. Zamboni, RDH - Dental Hygienist

Maria Cruz - Dental Receptionist/Assistant

Carlos Macias, Dental Intake Coordinator

Edith Vallejo, Dental Intake Coordinator


CHN Medical Clinic

Randal McDavid, MS, NP-C, FNP-BC, AAHIVS, Director of Medical Services

Mishal Johnson, Medical Receptionist

Maria Silva-Martinez, Medical Assistant

Gilbert Irizarry, Clinical Patient Navigator


Southern Colorado Health Network

Jessica Kobylinski, Director of Regional Programs 

Mary Lucero-Hill, Client Services Manager

Lupe Joyner, Senior Bi-Lingual Case Manager

Alexandra Hoffman, Case Manager

Rachel Schiller, Case Manager

Jorge Perez, Case Manager

Sarah Willow, Case Manager

Charles Torrez, Case Manager

Natacha Yoossem-Kontou, Bi-Lingual Case Manager

Kristen Carr, Pueblo Case Manager

Lawrence Ramos, Pueblo Bi-Lingual Case Manager

John Berghino, Health Access Program Coordinator

Kelly DeMuth, Health Access Program Coordinator

Jessica Curry, LCSW, Behavioral Health Clinician

Melissa Bernstein-Linon, MA, LPCC, NCC, Behavioral Health Clinician

Melissa Chizmar, Prevention Services Program manager

Brian Brewer, Syringe Access Program Manager

Bob Benvenuto, Pueblo People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) Case Manager

Teresa Martinez, Access Point Pueblo Prevention Coordinator

Kristen Platt, Program Assistant

Bill Sharton, Program Assistant


Northern Colorado Health Network

Andrew Kimmell, Director of Regional Programs

Lex Loutzenhiser, Diversity Programs Manager

Mackenzie Cartin, Client Services Manager

Tori Cervi, Case Manager

Kyla Pfeif, Case Manager

Itxel Jimenez-Colores, Bilingual Case Manager

Tanner Ball, Greeley Bilingual Case Manager/Housing Specialist

Garrett Klapproth, Health Access Program Coordinator

Aliza Menashe, MSW, Behavioral Health Clinician

Samantha Bourdon, Prevention Programs Manager

Chantelle Daniels, Prevention Services Coordinator

Elizabeth Trinklein, HEP C Programs Coordinator

Kaitlin Bergin, Reception/Program Assistant

Kristy Schimdt, Behavioral Health Clinician


Western Colorado Health Network

Misty Aaberg, Director of Regional Programs

Bridget Reyes, Client Services Manager

Valerie Seminter, Medical Case Manager

Andrew Hollinger, Medical Case Manager

Melissa Pratt, Medical Case Manager

Maritza Rivas-Flores, Bilingual Medical Case Manager

Bobby McCann, Prevention Manager

Kayla Dilley, Prevention Coordinator

Jordan Dawkins, Prevention Coordinator

Floryvette Hollinger, Health Access Program Coordinator

Erin Cantrell, Program Assistant




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