Denver Colorado AIDS Project works in the community with individuals, groups and organizations to provide up-to-date information, resources, condoms and training to increase knowledge and awareness of HIV, testing service, and treatments available. Our aim is to enable people to make informed choices regarding their own sexual health as part of our mission to equitably meet the evolving needs of people affected by HIV across Colorado.

DCAP presentations are led by Prevention staff members and members of the Positive Speakers Bureau. These individuals are trained volunteer public speakers who are living with HIV who have an interest in educating people about HIV from a personal perspective.

Positive Speakers provide:

Firsthand accounts of the personal experiences of people living with HIV

Understand, dispel myths and counter ignorance, fear and discrimination by representing themselves as they are

Powerfully reinforce health promotion messages enabling people to encounter someone with HIV, rather than seeing HIV as something that happens to other people outside of, and alien to their experience

Enable health and social care professionals to have a better understanding of the subjective experience of HIV which we believe can enhance their practice

Provide peer education and support to other people living with HIV on living well

All services are free of charge.

Contact us 303.837.0166 ext. 471 for additional information or to schedule an educational presentation.