About Howard Dental Center

Howard Dental Center (HDC) is an oral health care facility centered on individuals living with HIV/AIDS. HDC’s patient base is filled with individuals who have faced discrimination, poverty, and/or a lack of access to proper dental care. With a focus on comprehensive care, the “emergency-walk-in” treatment that HDC patients often faced has been replaced with a care model that offers patients the full range of oral health treatments.

HDC’s highly professional and well-trained staff treats each patient as a whole person and frequently interacts with the patient’s physicians in order to provide the most appropriate treatments possible.

HDC has certain core values by which we define ourselves, and relate directly to diversity and inclusiveness. These values are Service, Leadership, Community, Civic Engagement, and Compassion. These guide our philosophy of work, how we relate to each other and to the larger community we serve.

HDC supports inclusiveness by valuing all people, and serving them in an environment that is respectful, honest and which builds on significant participation and input from those we serve.