Howard Dental Center (HDC) is an oral health care facility reaching a broad range of individuals including those living with HIV and AIDS. The organization was named in memory of Dr. John Howard who was one of the first dentists in the community to treat patients with HIV/AIDS.

HDC began as a collaborative effort between dentists and dental educators who were concerned about the lack of oral health services available for people living with HIV/AIDS. The Center began seeing HIV-positive patients on December 16, 1994.

As a specialty oral health clinic, HDC represents a link between dentistry and medicine. As HIV has evolved, so has the organization. HDC’s integrated model seeks to work hand-in-glove with physicians, mental health centers, drug and alcohol treatment agencies, and with nutritional counseling and tobacco cessation programs.

On an annual basis, HDC performs more than 10,500 dental procedures and is the dental home for over 900 active patients of record. For every dollar spent, HDC produces $2.26 worth of services. We have successfully created a model that provides the highest level of quality care with successful results.

Twenty years later, what began as the dream of a few dentists who saw an injustice now stands as a testament to the hard work and creativity of those who have been blessed with its association.

HDC’s merger in the summer of 2014 with Colorado Health Network, comprised of Denver Colorado AIDS Project, Northern Colorado AIDS Project, Southern Colorado AIDS Project and Western Colorado AIDS Project, allows for more cost-effective, streamlined processes, and affords the opportunity to expand oral health care services with CAP offices throughout the state.