Health Insurance and Medication Access (HIV/PrEP)

Our Health Access Programs provide assistance with medications for people living with HIV and those who utilize PrEP as an HIV prevention strategy.

The Health Access Programs at CHN provides direct financial assistance for medical services, health insurance premiums, and medication costs for people residing in Colorado who are either living with HIV or on PrEP as an HIV prevention strategy. We provide health insurance navigation services that include impartial information on health plan coverage and benefits and empower clients to select the best option for their individual needs. The Health Access Programs are available to people whose income is less than 500% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Services available depends on the individual's HIV and insurance status. Download the Federal Poverty Level guidelines here.

Our programs are available to both those living with HIV and those who are at risk for contracting HIV. All of our programs are available to Colorado residents who make under 500% of the federal poverty level and are based on their insurance situation and HIV status.

To find the services that can best fit you please select from the following:

If you are unsure of the services you qualify for or would like help please contact us below to speak with a member of our team.

Colorado's Medicaid is available to low-income Coloradans, children, and those with disabilities.

Additionally, children and adults with disabilities have different eligibility requirements.

Our team is available to help individuals living with, or at risk for contracting, HIV in enrolling in Health First Colorado.