Becoming a Client

A positive HIV test does not mean you have AIDS, and it's definitely not a death sentence. Today, many HIV-positive individuals are living long and fulfilling lives. The key is getting effective treatment and being engaged and in control of your life.

With treatment, there is hope because HIV can be a manageable diagnosis. Without treatment, HIV can damage your immune system and lead to AIDS.

If you need assistance in dealing with your new diagnosis and managing your disease, contact the SCAP office at 800.241.5468 (toll free) or send us an e-mail here. This is the first step towards receiving confidential medical case management services at no charge. In addition, you may qualify for a range of health care and other services that can help you achieve optimal health and self-sufficiency. Bilingual Spanish-speaking case managers are available.

Documentation required for enrollment includes:

  • Proof of residency within the SCAP Service area (Colorado State Driver’s License, Identification card, utility bill, or current updated lease)
  • Verification of income (Social Security earnings statement, bank statement, employment pay stubs, Assistance for the Needy and Disabled, or TANF)
  • Verification of HIV status (Written documentation from a doctor’s office, medical lab or medical facility)